2’s Classroom

All About the 2’s

The teachers in the 2 ½’s room provide a loving and nurturing environment in which children can learn and grow. We begin the year helping children acclimate to the new experience of preschool and spend much time making sure each child has a positive first school experience. We work hard to design activities around the interests of the children, observing and assessing children weekly in order to plan for the individual child.

In the 2 ½’s room, we introduce the alphabet through Zoo-phonics and begin to learn the sounds and motions of our favorite ‘Zoo Friends’. We read plenty of books and sing many songs. Through weekly Bible stories, we learn how much God loves each one of us. Other activities in the classroom, including baking, art projects, texture table exploration, dramatic play, and math manipulatives, occur in both whole class and small group settings.