3’s Classroom

All About the 3’s

Little people who happen to be three years old are one of God’s greatest gifts! They are beginning to understand who they are and what this world is all about. When young 3’s enter the classroom, they come as little children, hesitant in their new surroundings. By the end of the year, they are ready to take on the world! There is nothing they are afraid to ask or afraid to give their opinion about. Their growth is phenomenal! It is a joy and a privilege to be part of this amazing time in their lives.

Throughout the year in the 3’s class, we explore God’s wonderful world and the fascinating things in it. We conduct science experiments, make hypotheses, and show graphs to provide the outcomes of our studies. We use baking as an avenue to incorporate science, math, and communication skills into the child’s daily life. We also observe plants and their growth and learn what it takes to for a plant to survive. Music fills our days in the 3’s class, and we explore and play through movement, melodies and lyrics. We read voraciously, and discuss outcomes and ‘What if’s?’ from our readings. We learn as 3’s that everything we do is encased around the wonderful certainty that this world belongs to God, and we belong to Him.