4’s Classroom

All About the 4’s

In the 4’s class, we have fun while we learn. Because we use Creative Curriculum, the children have a large input in what we study. Early on, we work on writing, number recognition, and the basics of adding and subtracting. For the rest of the year, we focus on lower case letters, learning the alphabet from A-Z with Zoo-phonics. Throughout the year, children spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, where many cooking activities focus on letter sounds as well as healthy eating choices.

One major skill we emphasize and develop as 4’s is independence, which includes learning to be responsible–for your backpack, your snack, your use of time, and your classroom chores–as well as writing your own name. We also foster independence with self-help skills, which include potty needs, taking off and putting on shoes as well as all snow gear, even boots! In the 4’s class, we journey beyond our world through learning about the planets in our solar system, especially the moon and Earth. In the spring, we incubate and hatch chicken eggs, and learn how to care for the chicks. Every week you can find us singing songs, reading stories and acting them out, and learning about each other through daily conversations and poster chats. We talk about how God loves each one of us; we wonder about His creation and how we can help take good care of ourselves and our earth.