Fun Extras

We are excited to offer both Movement Madness and Spanish to children two and a half years old and older who are potty trained.


Preschool-aged kids are at a great age to start learning the basic skills needed to play sports. These skills include throwing, catching, kicking, skipping, galloping, as well as learning to stand in a line, take turns, follow simple instructions/rules and how to be a good teammate. Starting preschoolers in organized sports too early provides frustration to not only the kids but parents as well. Learning these basic skills before introducing them to a team sport can provide them with much greater success and less frustration. Sport classes for kids this age should 1) always be fun 2)provide fun instruction on basic skills 3) provide the preschoolers with the sport skills they need to move to team sports 4) and should not be about winning or losing.In Movement Madness we want the kids to learn and feel successful. We provide them with a 1/2 hour of movement and sport skills. Class always begins with a cardio game where all kids are moving and having fun. Then we move to a sport skill where the kids are learning one or more specific skills as well as taking turns and standing in a short line. We end with a fun game or relay where they put some of their new skills to use.

Movement Madness will meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with adequate enrollment. For more information please contact Jenny Cargile at JennyCargile@hotmail.com


¡Vívalo Kids! Spanish will be taught by Donya Hnath on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with adequate enrollment.

¡Vívalo Kids! is a program that allows children to explore the wonders of the Spanish language through all of their senses. Children will utilize their energy and curiosity, while expanding brain function and capacity. Using best teaching practices, this research based curriculum is implemented in order to create an effective and engaging learning environment for children. Along with visual aids, song, dance, and exercise, children will learn many cultural expressions in addition to an abundance of vocabulary and grammar, all in the target language–SPANISH!