What Makes Us Different

We believe a successful early childhood education is one focusing on the development of the whole child, particularly the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs. PPCC accomplishes this through guided discovery and hands-on learning in a play-based environment. Through play, children learn to build positive relationships with others, explore their surroundings and ask meaningful questions. Play-based learning focuses on the process not the product, enriching a child’s feelings of success and his love of learning.

Having experienced and knowledgeable early childhood educators who work in collaboration provides a safe and engaging environment for learning. Open and honest communication between staff members and parents helps to enhance a child’s learning experience. PPCC teachers provide developmentally appropriate activities and a wide variety of materials with which children can play and experiment. Teachers aid the learning process by asking questions, setting goals, and modeling positive behavior. Platt Park Children’s Center provides a loving and nurturing learning environment that supports children to develop the gifts God has given them.